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Today the companies are more and more preoccupied with the efficiency of their employees. The satisfaction of their clients' needs depends on that. XSoft developed its own product, JobAssist, designed to improve the quality and efficiency of an organization through a good management of its people. If your employees' efficiency is one of your main concerns, now you can have the right tool to measure exactly the attendance of your staff and their performance at work. Our application is built with the goal of increasing the productivity of employees involved in the daily operations of medium to large business.

XSoft is the right firm to come to, should your company necessitate software development services. We can assure you of a mutual beneficial business relationship, based on a win-win criterion. We provide technological support services, combined with various solutions to meet your requirements. Among our areas of expertise, we can enumerate:

  • Operating Environments - Windows, UNIX, Solaris
  • Databases - Oracle, MySQL
  • GUI Tools - Visual C#, Eclipse
  • Languages - Java, C#, C++, PERL
  • NET Technology - XML, XSL, SOAP
  • SUN Technology - Java, J2EE, JSP, JBEANS, Servelets, JDBC
  • The Database Server - Oracle 8i, 9i, MySQL
  • .NET Solutions

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